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This is my first website I've created in a long time and the first article I've written in a long time.

I hope you like the site and content. I'll be working on it to make it perform, look, feel, and respond better over time. I'm trying to keep this project on a low budget until it can sustain itself. Over time I'll upgrade the hosting and add/integrate more features.

Right now I'm the only one running this website and writing/adding content. If you have any ideals for content or other, please contact me. The contact page is very limited right now, because I use a third party to process and send emails out to myself from the website. The reason I have to do this is when you're a brand new website that is small most, email services will block your email thinking you're spam.

What will this website be about. Comics, novels, books, art, cartoons, anime, manga, scifi, fantasy, and more interesting things I like.

The main purpose of this website will be to promote creators and their projects so people can find them more easily on the internet. This is only going to be publicly available information already found on the internet like name, company, short or long bio, picture and or logo, social media links, project links, and more.

If you want to write an article, update some information, or get something added to the site, please contact me.

I hope you bookmark this website, visit often, share, and spread the word.

Thank you for your support and visit.